Sacramento Craigslist Marketing

Sacramento Craigslist

okay, these are the instructions for how to do Craigslist marketing to the help-wanted ads for medical billing help-wanted ads. You're gonna want to bring up this website right here and you can see that there is an instructions tab that I'm on right now as well as the four different cities. you're also going to want to open up a tab for the Sacramento Craigslist and also bring up an email account and later on. When we work with San Francisco I'm gonna point out a little bit of a difference basically San Francisco contains all of the listings for San Jose and Oakland as well. So let's let's do Sacramento right now so we're gonna first of all just log in to the email so Kelly dot H Sacramento medical billing and the password is clue 33333 so CL you e 3 3 3 3 and you can go back to the website and click on Sacramento. 

Now basically what this website has on this side. It has a form that you're gonna use to if we've sent an email out this is where you enter the information so that we can know that we've sent an email before and then this is the Sacramento Craigslist spreadsheet that gets populated with this information that you've entered in here so you know before we send an email out we want to look through here and see. If we've already sent them an email ok so that's what it's for so let's go ahead and go to Craigslist and we're gonna enter in medical biller as the word and let's look in jobs and go ahead and search now you're just gonna go through these ads. You're basically looking for small to medium-sized doctors offices large hospitals you know those types of things we don't want to apply because they're not gonna hire a medical billing company we just want to find small to medium doctor's offices that are looking for a biller so let's just click on one here, for example, we got medical biller Auburn Newcastle you come over here and we're gonna scroll through here you have the listing title and we see here medical biller Auburn Newcastle is here so we have sent an email to this ad before and you might you know just check the date or the reply to an email address because sometimes people use the same words.

But I know I've sent one to this this listing before so let's go back and scroll down I'm gonna find one that I know that I haven't sent one to let's see let's look at this medical biller revenue rep well there's not a lot of information but let's go ahead and apply to it anyway so what we're gonna do is we're gonna just copy the reply to the email address go over to the email account and what you're gonna do is you're gonna hit the sent mail because I already have a template loaded up here you're gonna click on it and you can see here's exactly what we're gonna send every single time and we're gonna hit forward and paste the email then you're gonna want to erase the forward you can see there's an attachment here erase this stuff to forwarded message information and then when you form an email there's a greeting at the bottom. But there's also one here as well so you just want to erase that and bring this up so that it's there and then it's ready to go it's an email targeted at Sacramento medical billing it has the Sacramento attachment and you're just gonna go ahead and click send okay now that we've sent one to this listing we want to record that we've done that so let's go back here and we're going to just fill out all the information from the ads.

 So this is the reply to we're gonna go get the listing title get the listing date you just need the month in the day and then the text from the listing and then you're gonna hit submit okay now one thing to keep in mind is that when you hit submit here doesn't automatically show up here on this side what you need to do if you want to see it is you got to hit refresh since you're gonna only gonna be doing this you know a few you know maybe once a week and entering in a couple because there's not that many you probably remember what you put in and you can see here medical biller Stockton shows up over here so that's that's how to do Sacramento when you do the other cities you're gonna basically click on the city that you're gonna work on and go to that Craigslist so let's go ahead and do that  I'll show you that in the next video

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