SQM Club Salar Athletics Celebrates Successful 2022

SQM Club

SQM Club Salar's Senior Team crushed five adversaries to take the El Ancla Amateur Soccer Association title. The success is only one of the victories that Salar Athletics delighted in 2022. The association additionally won the soccer and b-ball titles in the senior, youngsters' and ladies' divisions. 

The Salar Athletics Club looks to construct culture and social mindfulness through sports, empowering competitors to contend at an undeniable level and to partake in the social part of the association. "We've worked with SQM Club to keep a powerful friendly program situated towards games foundations for the beyond ten years. This year, we chose to help the Antofagasta Soccer School League (LEFA), giving the prizes as a whole and awards that were given to the victors," notes Club President Claudio Castillo. 

"We are exceptionally glad to add to Chilean games. It isn't just with regards to soccer. It is likewise about making change and assisting with creating social mindfulness among kids and their families that permits them to make change in the public eye," Castillo added. 

The LEFA was established more than ten years prior and has different clubs and formal and new schools, serving north of 1,700 kids all through the Antofagasta Region. 

The association's authority chose to finish off the year by perceiving individuals who have become partners and drivers of improvement for neighborhood sports. They featured the endeavors of Potassium Lithium Operations Manager Gilbert Maldonado and Salar del Carmen Production Manager Humberto Carvajal. As per custom, the club additionally coordinated Christmas festivities to help less lucky networks in Antofagasta.

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