Ultimate Time Management Tips for College & University Students


To be able to manage time and give equal attention to family, studies, and work can be difficult for college and university students. By making a proper schedule and allocating proper time for everything you can maintain a balance plus keep your stress levels in control as you go on achieving your tasks in the allocated time. 

The key to managing your time efficiently is to be consistent. You have to make sure to take out time for social interaction to give your energy levels a boost so that you are not caught up in this boring circle of life. When things become dull, boring, and monotonous you are more likely to give up.

Here we have listed ultimate time management tips for college and university students so that they can make the most of it.

 1. Make a To-Do List!

Keeping a track of things that you are supposed to finish in a day’s time will help you set targets and will give you the motivation to achieve them. Not writing down things and keeping assignments and tasks for the eleventh hour would only cause you more harm than good. The quality of work would be ridiculously low and will affect your overall grade.

Everything mentioned on the list should be specified within a time slot during which it has to be completed. A failure should lead to you not being able to use your phone or watch TV.

Another thing you can do is to break down your larger assignments into small parts and divide the work into a number of days so that you can finish it over a span of time. 

For example, if you have four hundred pages novel to read, you can divide the number of pages into the number of days to let you know how many pages to read in a day. This way it will be easier to manage!

 2. Use Online Applications

With the overall advancement in technology, nothing is impossible, right? That’s it! In order to keep a track of your overall working, schedule, and progress, you can use calendars and applications that keep a record of all the nearing due dates or remind you of the approaching family get-together.

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 3. Stick to Your Schedule 

One of the essential things is to plan a schedule and follow it. Many students plan things but fail to follow them resulting in anxiety and stress. Start planning from the very first day of your college/university so that with time you can adjust to it.

 4. Give Rewards

Rewards are fun, no? Once you are on track and doing things just the way they should be, give yourself rewards and brownie points! Everyone loves being appreciated and pampered. Why not do the same for oneself? What you can do is you can choose your rewards in terms of money or time. For example, finishing a certain task on time will reward you in terms of meeting your friend at a nearby café for a little chit-chat.

 5. Exercise

Exercise can do wonderful things to the overall peace of your mind and body. It works exactly the way sleep does. It gives us a renewed strength, a boost in morals and is really good for the right functioning of our mind and body. 

You can spare 30 minutes every day to exercise or do yoga to stay fresh, focused, and motivated throughout the day.

 6. Be a Morning Birdie

It’s always best to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning. You will feel fresher since you will have more time on your hand. Studies show that studying during the early morning hours also helps in retaining information. Getting up early in the morning gives you more time to work things out and be productive. When things are eventually getting done you tend to panic less. 

Waking up before everyone around you also helps in eliminating all sorts of distractions. Also, make sure to keep your phone in another room while you work. Another way to start off your day productively and distraction-free is to avoid using phones in the first few hours of getting up. 

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 7. Resting between Intervals

When you overwork yourself, your mind will not function efficiently. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to rest after intervals to give your brain the rest it needs. 

After every half hour, you can take regular breaks to fill up on your coffee or grab a fruit. Make sure to avoid all sorts of junk food since they are unhealthy and will make you feel lazy and drowsy. 

Drink lots of water so that you are hydrated. Short walks are also stimulating and helpful. It will freshen up your mind before starting all over again. 

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