Valentine Day Traditions Across the World



Just as Valentine's Day approaches, stores are filled with candy hearts, chocolates and romantic gifts. Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14 February as the day of love all over the world. The tradition of celebrating the day of love began in ancient Rome known as the Lupercalia. The first known valentine was sent from the Tower of London by the Duke of Orleans in 1415. Different countries observe different traditions on Valentine's Day. Let's find out how people in different countries celebrate valentine's day. Below given is the list of top 9 countries across the world. 


The world capital of love, Paris is the country capital of France. It is said that the Duke of Orleans sent love letters to his wife while in prison, and that's when Valentine's Day cards started. "Valentine" is a French village and has beautiful yards and houses. People decorate their homes with love cards, roses and wedding bouquets. This is probably the most amazing Valentine's tradition in the whole world.

South Korea

Every 14th of the month is the day of love for couples in South Korea. Yes, you read that right! "Rose Day" is celebrated in May, "Kiss Day" is celebrated in June, "Hug Day" is celebrated in December, and single people celebrate "Black Day" in April by eating black noodles. This is a completely different Valentine's Day tradition around the world.


Germans celebrate the day of love as Americans do. However, on Valentine's Day they do something extraordinary. They give each other pigs. Yes, pigs as a gift! Not fully grown, 500-pound hogs, small pig-sized trinkets, as well as chocolate pigs represent luck and lust. Along with the usual valentine gifts, the Germans also give each other heart shaped gingerbread cookies with a personalised message to express love.


In China, people celebrate Valentine's Day with usual gifts like chocolates,flowers and romantic gifts. But February 14 is not the main day of romance in Chinese culture. In fact, Valentine's Day is eclipsed by August's Qixi Festival. So, how are you celebrating this year? 


Women place five bay leaves on each corner and in the center of the bed to dream about their future partner. Along with rose water, bay leaves are also kept across their pillow. Unmarried women look out of their window before sunrise and the first man she sees is believed to be her future husband or a lookalike of the person she will marry.


While the Filipinos celebrate Valentine's Day in the same way as Western countries, there is a particular tradition that has affected the country in recent years. February 14 is the most popular wedding anniversary in the Philippines because mass celebrations where hundreds of couples tie the knot at the same time are quite the rage! Another popular Valentine's Day activity harbors a nationwide desire to break the world record for most people slapping lips at the same time. In the spirit of this venture, hundreds of couples will gather at malls across the country and share a smooch at midnight!



Argentines dedicate a week in July to the 'Week of Sweets'. Just one day is not enough for the people who are in love. It is more than romantic love, where the weekends are Friendship Day. Couples celebrate by exchanging kisses for sweets.


While much of the world celebrates St. Valentine's Day, Bulgarians celebrate St. Tryphon Zarezan Day, or Winemaker's Day, an age-old celebration rooted in the ancient celebrations of Dionysus, the god of wine. The day is dedicated to the first labor of the year for vine-growers and wine-makers by cutting off unnecessary branches on the vines in early February.


Usually Brazilians celebrate 'Lovers' Day' on June 12th instead of Valentine's Day. People spend time with family and relatives with food cooked in the gathering. Music festivals and nightly concerts are held all over the country. The next day, single women pray to Saint Anthony to find a good husband.

No matter which state or country you belong to, celebrate it with love and passion and express your heartfelt feelings to your loved ones in the most romantic way. Happy Valentine's Day!

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