Tudo sobre o beachtennis!

So, we are going to teach you step by step how to choose the perfect beachtennis racket. First, think about where you want to play – doubles or singles – and what your practice goals are.

That way it will be easier to see your matches.

1. Weight Weight is the main factor that affects hitting power.

In this way, the heavier the racket, the greater the power. However, too much weight can cause two problems: loss of ball control and wrist injuries. Also, according to ITF standards, beach tennis rackets cannot weigh more than 375 grams.

So pay attention to weight and choose a weight you can manage.

2. Handle Length: People who play beach tennis have long been used to thinking of the racket as an extension of the arm. So it's not unreasonable to think that longer lengths are more difficult to control - even to compensate for power. The reverse is also true: the shorter the cable, the greater the control, but the lower the power.

3. Racket Thickness: Thickness is important for the racket's aerodynamics, weight and flexibility. But in any case, it is recommended to choose a model with a thickness of more than 21 mm. For those looking for power, it is worth investing in a thicker model. However, if your focus is ball control, choose a thinner racket.

4. Number of holes: The holes that are very important to break the air resistance will help you gain more agility. For those who practice this sport outdoors, a 60-hole racket is recommended. But remember: the more holes, the less power you have. Inventory and find the fairest one for you.

5. Materials

 Another determining factor in the weight and flexibility of a racket is its material. The most popular are carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. However, some cheaper options are plastic and wood.

a) carbon fiber

Recommended for beginners, this material will give you flexibility and control.

The racket's strength and weight are moderate. If your focus is ball control, it's worth investing in this model.

B. Fiberglass

However, to provide more control, fiberglass adds flexibility and reduces weight. To avoid wrist injuries, it is necessary to apply more force to obtain the necessary strength with this model.

6. Surface

For those of you who have progressed in beach tennis and want to start adding effects to your photos, a rough surface is perfect for you. As these models are more expensive, it is worth trying them out before investing.

General tips for beginners

1. Avoid putting your feet in the sand

The sand alone makes beach tennis more difficult than playing on the court. That way, if you "bury" your foot, there will be more resistance when it comes out.

Agility is key in beach tennis, and obstacles in your way can greatly delay your success. Choose a good racket. Here you have access to the melhores raquetes de beachtennis.

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