5 Ways To Make Friends With Your Remote Co-Workers

Working remotely has its benefits, but it can feel isolating at times. Humans need social contact. When you spend half or more of your waking hours at work, you might as well do your best to keep up your relationships with your coworkers. Here's how to make friends as you work in front of your webcam on virtual background teams

Keep Your Video On During Zoom Calls

Whether you're shy or you simply don't feel like suiting up for a zoom call, it can be tempting to turn off your video and shield yourself from the rest of the office. Though this can seem like a simple act, it may create an unintended distance between you and your coworkers. 

Just like texting is less personal than a phone call, a call is less personal than a video chat. Since your workplace relationships are some of the most important relationships you have, do your best to maintain them. Keep the video on and get used to the feeling. Don't worry, no one cares about the bags under your eyes! And if you're worried about your messy room, try Zoom immersive view backgrounds that create the impression of a tidy, professional environment.

Check In With Sociable Messages

Even if you aren't in constant video communication with others at your company, you can always check in on how people are doing. This isn't overly intrusive, it just shows that you care. While you should try to avoid messaging people when they're really busy, text messages are as unintrusive as it gets.

Try Another Online Activity

A workplace — even a virtual one — is a great place to meet people, but it isn't always the best for creating casual friendships. Fortunately, these days, there are plenty of online activities you can do with other people that don't require you to be with them physically.

From Warcraft raids to Words With Friends, online games and activities can be bonding experiences that create lasting friendships. When you do something fun with your coworkers, you'll develop communication and teamwork skills that can carry over to your normal responsibilities.

Consider Meeting Offline

Just because your work is remote doesn't mean you can't meet someone from the office in person. There are some great replacements for face-to-face interaction, but none of them compare to having a real visit. Whether you go to a park, a game, or a bar, meeting offline can be fun and refreshing. 

Of course, you should always make your intentions clear when opting to meet someone from the office in "real life." If the person is a single member of the opposite sex, keep it platonic unless you're sure a workplace relationship is both allowed and advisable.

It isn't always easy to make the transition from commuting to working at home, but a few connections can make things a lot more comfortable. If you're looking for a quick way to improve your professionalism, try a Zoom background. For help getting started, check out Zoom virtual background requirements.