What to do when you accidentally broke your phone camera- Guide by Phone Repair Store!

Are you hear because you broke your phone’s camera? No problem. Devices are such fragile items that if you accidentally drop them, you end up breaking them. Sometimes it's a broken screen phone, a damaged camera, or a non-functional charging port. One cannot even take clearer photos when a camera lens gets cracked. And if the repairs for it are not done on time, it can further damage it internally, leading to expensive repairs. So, the only way to get the camera lens fixed is by taking it to a phone repair store. However, before that, there are certain things that you will need to take care of, so without further ado, let’s jump right into the blog post.

  • Phone repair stores advise to don’t panic: 

The trick, like with any sad situation, is to remain calm. Falling apart and becoming excessively emotional over the occurrence will not assist you in keeping your thoughts clear and making the best of the circumstance. Panicking causes other mistakes, which can be expensive in and of themselves. Maintain your composure! A little obscenity is OK!

  • Grab all of the broken pieces:

If you had a minor freak out and did not listen to the first piece of advice, start cleaning up the pieces.  Unless you are in a peaceful environment, such as your kitchen, you are usually out in public and need to ensure that all the parts are gathered before they go scattered. If necessary, seek help. You never know which small fragment will come in handy when putting things back together. Grab it even if it appears insignificant.

  • Check your warranty:

You should know about your warranty before sending in your camera for repair. So, start it storing the information somewhere easily accessible,  perhaps in an online drive. Also, check to see what your warranty covers as well. Most policies do not cover accidents or other situations. So, you must know about them beforehand. 

  • See if you have insurance:

Ensure that you have insurance because if the warranty does not cover an accident, a homeowners or renters insurance policy may. However, do ensure that the information is easily accessible and that you understand the limitations before utilizing it.

  • Be aware of your repair options:

Not everything must be returned to the manufacturer's factory. Localphone repair shops frequently provide repair, and the service and price vary widely. Most major brands will provide free estimates before continuing with a repair. If you have alot of time on your hands, ask about and acquire as many free estimates as you can because you need to do your proper research before you can trust a company with your repairs. 

Companies like True Geek LLC will not only help you in saving your time but will also assist in saving money. So, hopefully, after reading this blog, if you do ever break your phone, you will have an idea about steps to take instead of just panicking.

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