Netgear Orbi Pro SRR60 Keeps Going Offline? Here's the Fix!

The Netgear Orbi Pro SRR60 comes packed with the efficient WiFi 5 technology. You have 6 powerful internal antennas for easy access to the internet. This Netgear networking product comes with WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, and WPA2-PSK security cover. Unfortunately, like other networking devices it too has certain shortcomings. At times, the Orbi SRR60 might go offline for no apparent reason.

Don't worry! There are a couple of steps which can help you resolve the issue without any hassle. Come! Let's see what these are. But, first we have to take a look at what is causing Orbi to disconnect from the internet.

Why Does Orbi Keeps Disconnecting?

Is the Netgear Orbi disconnecting going offline? Not able to understand what causes the problem? Tech experts have come up with 6 reasons why this might happen.

1. Overheating

Do you keep the Netgear Orbi Pro in a place with too much humidity? This inevidently has an impact on your router's network performance. Too much heat makes it difficult for the Orbi to cool down and this causes it to go offline.

2. Insufficient Power Supply

Connecting the Orbi Pro WiFi router to a damaged power outlet is never a good idea. Add to that, uninvited power cuts can also shut down the router without a warning. This will cause immediate disconnection from the WiFi network.

3. Faulty Connection Cables

Are you using an older Ethernet cable to establish a connection between the router and modem? Don't. Using an old cable will not only interfere in smooth communication between the router and modem, it also puts both devices at risk of hardware damage. Not to forget, you would not be able to access orbi router login.

4. Older Firmware

Are you using the WiFi router with an older firmware? In that case, network connectivity problems are the least of your worries. It puts the device an an increased risk of hacking and unauthorized access.

5. ISP Problem

If everything is kosher from your end and still the router keeps going offline, connect with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Should they be doing maintenance work on the network, you would have to wait for it to get done before trying to reconnect the router.

6. WiFi Interference

Is your Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi router in proximity to any of the devices below?

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Cordless phones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Bluetooth devices
  • goog_1176193492
  • Baby monitors

All of these devices emit electromagnetic waves which interfere with smooth communication between the router and modem.

So, now let us take a look at how you can get the Netgear Orbi Pro SRR60 reconnected to the internet.

The Solution

Given below is how you can keep the Orbi WiFi router connected to the internet without any hassle.

1. Update Firmware

Firmware for your router is the same as Windows or macOS for a computer. It is the operating system which helps you connect to the internet. Therefore, you should ensure the Orbi firmware is running on the latest version. Make sure you download the firmware update only through official channels.

2. Check Connection Cables

Whether you connect the Orbi WiFi router to an extender or a modem, ensure there is proper connection. You can do this by using a new and undamaged Ethernet cable to connect the two devices. Besides this, make sure the connection is stable and finger-tight.

3. Correct Placement

When it comes to ensuring that Orbi WiFi router does not go offline, device placement is important. Make sure you keep it in a ventilated and open space. Never keep the device inside a glass cabinet or wooden almirah.

Keeping the device in a tight and congested area will not only cause problems with internet connectivity, it will also cause overheating. Also, keep it away from devices that emit electromagnetic waves.

4. Smooth Power Supply

Make sure the router is getting sufficient power supply from the power socket. This ensures the device functions to its full capacity without any hassle. Thus, you will be able to access orbilogin without any hassle.


To keep the Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi router access the internet without hassle, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above.

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