What Are The Most Common Transmission Problems? Let's Discuss


A car's transmission is the most important part of your vehicle but transmission problems are one of the such things that may leave your vehicle completely useless. It is one that directs power from the engine to the driveshaft, which controls how well the wheels turn on your car.

If you want your transmission lives a long, healthy life then it is must to follow the maintenance procedures. Let's discuss:

Low Fluid & Leaks

The most common transmission problem that many car owners faces is Low levels of transmission fluid or a transmission fluid leak.  This is caused by a leak in your transmission system.

The symptoms of low fluid level usually include slow shifting or gear slippage. In the event that fluid is just oboselete or contaminated, the fluid will need to be flushed and refilled; regardless, you'll need to visit a transmission repair shop to take care of it. You can also check out Dodge Rebuilt 68RFE transmission in case your transmission  got obsotele.

Solenoid Issues

The solenoid controls the flow of fluid throughout your transmission. The solenoid is commonly damaged due to low fluid levels or maybe the occasional electronic problem. In case, you identify your transmission is slipping and you can't identify a leak, it's most likely due to solenoid damage. A good transmission repair shop knows that if you're not dealing with a leak, the another option that should be checked is your solenoid.

Torque Converter Issues

Problem with Torque converter can cause a number of transmission problems, resulting in severe damage or complete transmission system failure . The most common issue include when the torque converter is damaged or worn-out needle bearings. If the needle get overheat, they can become damaged and you'll hear strange noises from your transmission while driving.  You can also lookout for 6l80 torque converter for your vehicle.

Clutch Issues

The clutch is another factor that may occasionally get jammed. When the clutch jams, your solenoid can lock, and the amount of transmission fluid in the torque converter may not be calculated right. Clutch issues in the torque converter can fool the untrained eye because they resemble those related to low fluid levels, so it's always advised to have your vehicle checked out by a professional. More prominent clutch issues will be associated with violent shaking and sharp drops in power output from your car.

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