Introductory Guide to Set Up Amped Guest Network

Amped extenders are performing quite well among users due to their exceptional features. These features not improve the security of the extender’s network but also enhance its security. One such feature that helps in keeping the user’s internet experience at top-notch is the guest network feature. This feature will come to your rescue when you are hosting a grand party in your house and everybody is asking for the WiFi password. So, rather than sharing the main WiFi password, you can share one of the guest network and relax about the security of your Amped extender being compromised.

In this post, you will come to know about the complete guidelines to set up a guest network on your Amped extender by accessing  So, let’s get started.

How to Set Up Amped Guest Network?

  • Let’s get the ball rolling by connecting your WiFi range extender to a power outlet and pressing the power button to turn it on. Ensure that your area is not a regular victim of regular power outages.

  • Now, take the aid of a networking cable or a wireless source to establish a stable connection between your host router and the Amped wireless device.

  • Thereafter, you are required to get hold of a laptop. Relax! If you don’t have a laptop. A PC can also help you set up the guest network. So, feel free to use it.

  • Run a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. If you have Microsoft Edge installed on your device, you can take its help. Thence, take the mouse cursor to the URL field.

  • The next step is to reach the Amped wireless extender setup wizard after logging in to the extender. So, you need to enter the default web address i.e. into the URL field and press Enter.

  • The admin page of your Amped range extender will show up. Here, type the username and password assigned to the Amped extender after the setup process and select the Login option.

  • The dashboard of the Amped extender will come into view. Click the WiFi Settings tab to move to the wireless settings of your range extender. Now, move to the Guest Networks option and click it.

  • Select the Enable button and fill in the required details. Once done, save the changes you’ve made.

Within a few moments, the guest network on your Amped extender will get activated. Now, you can share the WiFi password of your Amped guest network without worrying about the security of the home network. On the off chance, you face any issues while creating a guest network, consider taking the help of the Amped wireless extender troubleshooting techniques enlisted in the next section.

Can’t Set Up Amped Guest Network?

  • The power socket to which your Amped extender is connected must be damage-free at all costs. Otherwise, your extender won’t be able to get a fluctuation-free power supply from the wall socket.

  • If a wired source is used to connect your WiFi devices, always proceed with a damage-free Ethernet cable. In case you go ahead with a wireless source, reducing the distance between your WiFi devices will be a good idea. It will help your devices communicate more effectively. But, do not make the distance zero.

  • You ought to use an updated web browser in order to set up a guest network on your Amped wireless range extender. Additionally, the web browser’s cache, cookies, and browsing history must be purged off.

  • The web address must be strictly entered into the address bar of the web browser. Usage of the search field won’t take you anywhere but to numerous ambiguous results.

Final Thoughts

Now, the time to wrap up the introductory guide to set up the guest network on the Amped extender has come. Hopefully, you enjoyed the process of setting up a guest network on your extender after reaching the Amped setup wizard. If this article has helped you in setting up the guest network successfully, share your views in the comment section.

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