Is Your Rockspace Extender Keeps Restarting? Let’s Fix!

These days, Rockspace extenders are without a doubt the best networking tools. But occasionally they also perform poorly as a result of different problems. One of them is the Rockspace extender restarting issue. Are you also caught up in this mess? Well, worry not! This article is to help you quickly resolve the problem. So, what are you waiting for? Check the steps given below and learn to fix the issue for any model of Rockspace WiFi extender setup you have at your home.

Steps to Fix Rockspace Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue

Take a Look at the Power Socket used for Connecting Rockspace

Are you certain that the power source used for your Rockspace extender is stable? Check it again right now. Take a look at the electrical outlet that powers your Rockspace extender to see and confirm whether it is functioning properly. If the answer is no, you have discovered what is causing the Rockspace extender to repeatedly restart.

As a result, think about fixing the wall socket or connecting your wireless extender to a different one. Utilize a UPS to further assure a consistent power supply.

Properly Connect Your WiFi Devices

Your extender may be situated far from the host router if the damaged wall outlet isn't the cause of the Rockspace extender constantly restarting problem. By putting your WiFi devices closer, you can fix the error. But avoid putting them too close together. We are sure that you don't want a conflict between their WiFi signals to make your internet experience worse.

Use an Ethernet cable if you want your WiFi devices to communicate reliably. It must, however, be in good condition and correctly linked to the ports on your WiFi devices.

Disconnect Unwanted Devices

Have you connected several WiFi-capable devices to your extender? We are confident that your Rockspace extender can simultaneously connect many client devices to a dependable internet connection for you. It does not, however, imply that you must link unneeded devices to its network.

Disconnect a couple of the WiFi-enabled devices linked to the network of the Rockspace extender to resolve the problem of it restarting constantly. What took place? Is your extender rebooting right now? Your Rockspace range extender appears to need a firmware upgrade.

Update the Firmware

You might have learned about the firmware upgrade after reading the text above. Do you, however, understand what Rockspace extender firmware is? Just so you know the software that controls the overall functionality of your Rockspace extender is called firmware.

It implies that you are more likely to experience the Rockspace extender keeps rebooting problem if the firmware becomes outdated. Therefore, access the dashboard of your extender to update the firmware. If you don’t know how to access the settings of your device, check the Rockspace WiFi extender manual.

Reduce WiFi Interference

In the digital age of today, every household has smart appliances. But the WiFi signals of the Rockspace range extender can be interrupted or degraded by these devices. WiFi interference is the term for the occurrence. It's likely that you also set up your Rockspace extender in an area with a lot of WiFi interference. So, think about moving your WiFi device.

Make sure your Rockspace WiFi range extender isn't situated next to anything that emits radio waves, anything metallic, or anything reflective while you're moving it. Also, keep it away from concrete walls and large water bodies.

Prevent Overheating of Rockspace Extender

Your Rockspace extender will unavoidably generate heat, just like other networking and other gadgets. However, if the temperature rises over usual levels, it becomes a cause for concern. The temperature of your extender can also result in the issue you are currently dealing with. As a result, reduce the overheating occurrence by placing your extender in an open and ventilated area.

In a Nutshell

You may solve the Rockspace extender keeps rebooting problem by following the suggested troubleshooting steps. If you are still having trouble, there is a chance that you have not set up your Rockspace extender properly. So in that case, you need to reset and then set up your Rockspace extender again. If you are wondering how to reset Rockspace WiFi extender, then look nowhere than the Reset button on your device. Pressing the same will take your extender back to its default settings. And then you can configure it again from scratch.

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