Vastu consultant in Kolkata explains how panchatatva interacts with each other!


As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata, the role of panchatatva is immense. There are 5 elements in total which interact with one another through 2 cycles, namely cycle of creation and cycle of destruction. 

We will learn about them in brief with the help of Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

  1. Cycle of creation. 

  • Water element gives birth to trees and plants, which represents air or wood element.    

  • After wood dies up it is used for creating fire.  

  • As the fire is extinguished completely, it results in ash formation. Ash ultimately converts into soil, which is the earth element.

  • We derive metals from depths pits of soil only. Metals represents metal or space element. 

  • From the layers of sky rain formation process begins, which represents water element.

Altogether an entire cycle of creation is derived- wood from water, fire from wood, earth from fire, space from earth and water from space.

If you keep mirror (which represents water element) in the north zone (which also represents water element) you will get balanced water. 

 Likewise fire element flourishes in the south eastern zone and the rules are present for the rest of the zones as well. 

  1. Cycle of destruction 

  • As we blend water to the fire, it extinguishes it. Thus, water element destroys the fire element properties.  

  • Likewise, blending fire into the metal object melts it down. So, fire element is destroying the metal or space element.    

  • If you see the woodcutting tools are made up of metal. It summarize that metal element is destroying the wood or air element. 

  • Trees upon growing profoundly split even the hardest ground. So, wood element is destroying the earth element. 

  • Lastly as we pour water to the ground, it gets absorbs. So earth element is destroying the water element.

Thereby another cycle is formed known as the cycle of destruction. Each element in panchatatav is being destroyed by another specific element and in turn is destroying a different element. 

When we bring the element (be it a color or object) in a zone whose element in anti to it, it destroys its properties and brings ill-effects instead. It can surface in the form of hardship, lack of opportunity, instability, poor health, money problems, delayed marriage and so on. 

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Description- Vastu consultant in Kolkata offers brief understanding on cycle of creation and cycle of destruction of panchatatva.

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