Considerations for Wearing KN95 Masks


We all know covid-19 is still infecting many people worldwide, finding which mask is the best mask to prevent the coronavirus's spread is important. We all heard anything is better than nothing. The condition is the same for any mask. Any mask is better than no mask. For non-healthcare people, disposable masks KN95 become popular.

Whereas N95 is approved for American standards by NIOSH for its filtration, On the other hand, KN95 mask is manufactured in China and considered equal. The U.S had experienced shortages of masks and the Food and drug administration approved KN95 for emergency use. N95 is still short as we reserved for health providers and others they need them the most. Good quality of kn95 Mask approved by food and drug administration can be useful and available for general purpose.

Medical Masks - Kn95 Mask


The Chinese government operates a KN95 respirator; like an N95, at least 95% of small airborne particles are supposed to filter out. Testing has shown that the actual output of many of the KN95s in the U.S is all over the place. A Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology doctoral candidate and volunteer attempt to solve the problem of shortages of masks and their equipment and devices in this panic condition. 


Some masks can filter 95%, but some can not be claustrophobic, some are not sealed properly. Not all masks don't match the standards of administrations. NIOSH does not authorize KN95 Mask, but if its packaging shows it is authorized, don't buy and don't come into someone's words. You can visit food and drug administration standards set for the mask.

Respirator Concern :

In this condition, it is the most common question everyone has the quality of mask they are wearing ??

NIOSH does not approve of the KN95 mask, but it does not mean it is useless. It's better to have anything than nothing. It can not provide 100% protection, but it can give you a shield covering. Which may be beneficial not that much, but it will. It does not match U.S standards, but it provides protection more than a surgical mask and cloth mask.





It is mandatory to wear a mask whenever you're in crowded places, but if you are going for a walk or there are few people you can avoid using. Masks are more effective when used rightly. If you don't use a mask, it can be worse, and there are high chances of getting affected by the virus.



Testing of the mask can not be performed at home. There are many laboratories that are test authorized and UN certified masks with American standards given by NIOSH. Laboratory follows standards and instruments which are followed. Some masks are not authorized by NIOSH like KN95 which is further approved by food AND DRUG ADMINISTRATIVE for emergency purposes or another purpose we can consider.

How to Discard Your Mask?



Always sanitize your hands before and after removing the mask.Never discard your mask directly in the bins. It may affect other things. Always use paper bags to discard the masks, which do not transmit the infection from one to another. Neither uses alcohol and water to clean or disinfect the mask. It decreases its effect on filtration. Well, the researcher does not suggest this type of cleaning. This is a complicated task proper disinfection and decontamination of KN95 face masks. You need the virus to be inactivated without affecting the filtration of the mask and its design.  

Conclusion :

The idea that wearing face masks in public, even when you feel well, can help alleviate the spreading of the coronavirus confirmed by an increasing body of evidence, because showing symptoms of coronavirus can also spread, as we know the virus can change their life cycle at any time. That's the primary reason for wearing a mask: to shield you from other people. If you have a KN95, just know that it is likely that you may not get almost as much safety as you think. But be sure to keep up your other habits, including physical distancing, use of sanitizer, cleaning your hands before and after work, and use a mask to help keep you safe. Even wearing a proper respirator doesn't make you immortal, but those habits are fine no matter what. KN95 masks are usually replaced after each use.


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