11 Techy Pranks That You Can Try This April Fools

April Fools

It would be weird to say something like this - but April Fools Day is no joke to pranksters. It’s that one day of the year where they can create the most bizarre pranks, and no one will judge them for it. If you are a prankster yourself, you may feel excited yet still short on prank ideas that you would actually want to do. It’s also quite challenging to do, given the changes brought by the pandemic. Unless you live in a country where Coronavirus is impressively well-controlled, you can harm yourself or other people from going out too much. Gone are the days where we can easily share a physical space with someone without thinking that we might pick up some virus along the way. But don’t worry, the world is adjusting little by little with this change. 

Thankfully, we are in a digital age where we can still connect with our family and friends; and do our jobs even though we are physically away from each other. With this change, people are using their devices more. Sometimes you find yourself bored with staying indoors, so why not try playing games like Star Wars?Here’s How to get Star Wars Gaming Credits. However, if you are not a gamer but are more of a prankster thinking about how to mess with anyone during this time, then the safest thing to do is to do tech-related pranks! We listed down 11 hilarious techy tricks that you can do to your friends or your family members’ devices.

  1. Remote Mouse Control Prank

If you are working near someone, disconnect their original work mouse from their computer when they're not looking and connect your wireless mouse instead. Once your victim comes back, observe how they will move their mouse and go precisely in the different direction that their cursor is attempting to point. Try not to be too messy with this because you want to mess with them for a while before they find out that someone is messing with them!

  1. Cracked Screen Prank

You can always find a cracked screen app on Google Play or Apple App Store if you are sneaky enough. Sure, you can always find realistic-looking ones on the internet, but these apps take the fake crack in screens on a different plane! Try borrowing someone's phone and download one of these pranks. Leave their phone lying face-down on the floor when they're not looking and try to drop something else just to catch their attention. Once they've turned in your direction, they frantically apologise for ruining their phone's screen and wait for their reaction until they find out that nothing's wrong.

  1. Prank Call

Trying out a sneaky prank call? Try Ownage Prank’s prank call app! This prank app boasts a collection of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbour randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from a funny soundboard and genius prank scripts performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable. Yes, no need for voice acting rehearsals anymore before calling! More than that, they value your privacy. That’s why they have a spoof call feature that uses anonymous caller ID for when you will make your pranks. Still not satisfied? You can send them a prank request if you want something more elaborate. Ownage Pranks is that one-stop app for when you want to make a prank call because they have everything!

  1. System Sounds Switch Prank

You might need a little more effort in doing this prank than the rest of the items on this list. That means you will need more time with their work computer more than just a mere bathroom break. If your victim is a Windows user, download some .wav files of different system sounds like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Messenger, or other programs and apps that they use frequently. Once you have this, head to their Control Panel and switch the different system sounds among other programs that they are using. Be creative, and make sure not to get caught!

  1. Switching Contacts

We can't talk about tech pranks without mentioning one of the oldest tricks in the book! (Okay, there's no book, but if there was - this is going to be in it!) Find a phone that you have access to. If you don't have one, you can pretend to borrow your victim's phone to "copy someone's contact" or play a game they've downloaded there and quickly switch names of people in their contacts. For example, change their Mom's into their significant other's name and vice versa. Of course, they’re probably going to text their significant other out of habit, except their mom is there to see it. Yikes!

  1. Mac Store Wallpaper Prank

If you were one of those kids who had lots of fun playing games on samplers of Mac and Apple products, then you might have fun in this prank as well. Just head into a mac store, take a goofy selfie, and set it as the device's display screen. Leave the premises knowing that anyone who sees the device next will surely catch your trolling face there! Of course, the salespeople will probably change it back to how the screensaver was before. Still, hey, you can never have too many Mac Store Wallpaper Pranks, huh?

  1. Desktop Screenshot Prank

This prank never fails to work all the time if your victim is a Windows user. While your roommate/family member is taking a break from work away from their laptop, you can try taking a screenshot of their desktop display. Next, set this screenshot photo as their home screen. Now, remove all the shortcuts and programs on their screen. Don't worry, they won't go anywhere, and you can always help them put them back later on. Once they come back, they'll be confused why the programs aren't clicking and that their laptop probably might be broken. If they have lots needed to accomplish, have mercy and tell them what you did, okay? But that's totally up to you!

  1. Voice-activated Toaster Prank

If you have a new appliance at home or in the office, hype your family members or colleagues up that it is a voice-activated toaster. Talk about living in the future, huh? But of course, this isn't real, and you only have a regular toaster. So tell them that they need to speak the words "Toaster, Turn on." to allow it to turn on and watch the people flocked there, thinking there might be something wrong with this faultless kitchen appliance. 

  1. Loading Cursor Prank

Do you ever sometimes feel irritated when the mouse pointer displays a loading symbol? Sometimes it signifies good things yet to come, but oftentimes, it just means that your computer is hanging. When your prank victim is particularly annoyed by this tiny detail - then you must try this prank on them!

For Windows: Visit Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers. From there, you can change the normal working one into a seemingly loading one.

For Mac: Unfortunately, Mac doesn't have this working cursor customisation, but you can make something as annoying! First, go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display. You'll see an option to make the mouse cursor a gigantic one. It's like the ones you see in Dora The Explorer!

  1. Autocorrect Prank

Did you know that the Settings App of every phone is a gold mine of many pranks? Once you have a hold on someone's phone, you can always mess with their autocorrect/text replacement settings. For example, when they try to say "Hi", you can change it into something completely random and embarrassing, like "I pooped my pants." If you want to mess with them even more, you can turn "Hey" into "I'm in love with you."; or "'Sup?" into "I smell like dead fish." It's all up to your creativity at the end of the day. We are just here to float ideas like this in your head!

  1. Remote Control App Prank

If you haven't discovered the wonders of remote control apps, then you are missing a lot! Sure, these apps are made to make people's lives convenient, but this can also serve as a go-to prank tool. Install any remote control app you like on App Store or Google Play and work your way around it. Make sure no one knows that you are trying to study this app, for this may give away your genius antic. Once you are familiar with it, you can mess with your parents or siblings by changing their favourite living room TV channels. For example, if your father is watching an action film or a thriller, wait for the climax and immediately turn it into the shopping channel. Just find the best time that your victim is heavily glued on the TV screen, and that's the best time to strike!

You see, technology does not only serve productivity or convenience functions. It can also provide an unconventional yet fun form of entertainment if your minds are only playful enough! If you are going to ask us, you don’t need to wait for April Fools to have fun with this. Any opportunity can be a pranking opportunity - whether tech-related or not! So go ahead and try these twelve fun pranks on this list. 

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